How to Style a Graphic Tee

Hello! I can’t believe it is actually 2021. 2020 truly felt like a fever dream, and something I would never want to go through again. As I start the first week of my Spring semester, I’ve been thinking about what kind of content I want to bring to this blog. As this is my online outlet, I want to be able to write about whatever inspires me, but I also want to be able to inspire others.

With that being said, I definitely want to provide more college and lifestyle related content, just as a way to inspire other from a different aspect. I love fashion, and I hope one day I can make it a career, but I would also love to explore other categories while I still can! So, I can confidently say that I will be branching out a little from my typical blog posts with the hopes to truly fall in love with writing again!

Anyway, I’ll just stop rambling and get right into today’s blog post: How to Style a Graphic Tee

Graphic tees have always been one of my favorite staples to have in my closet. You can either dress them up or dress them down. They’re super comfy, and they can make you look like you put more effort into an outfit than you actually did.

I got this graphic tee from the clothing boutique I work at, Fab’rik Rogers. I paired it with straight-legged jeans from SheIn, a Brandy Melville belt, and pink Vans.

Now I’m realizing that I wear the same pair of jeans and belt with all my graphic tees. These are the same SheIn jeans, and the same Brandy Melville belt. It was a bit colder outside so I decided to wear a white long-sleeved mock tee under this graphic tee from Urban Outfitters. I paired this outfit with a purse from Target, white Doc Martens, and these dope sunglasses from Amazon.

Here I am again with the same belt and jeans oops. I got this oversized graphic tee from SheIn, and I’m obsessed with it because it is a pastel pink, and I am in love with NYC. I paired it with the same white long-sleeved mock tee from the outfit above, and I paired this outfit with black boots.

If you made it here, thank you so much for reading this post! This semester is definitely going to be a crazy one, but I am so excited for the things to come. Make sure to follow my Instagram and my for all my outfits and updates on what I’m doing when I’m not posting on here!



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