Year Two!!

Hello! The past few weeks have been filled with preparing for and starting my second year of college. From moving into my apartment, to participating in recruitment for my sorority, it has been all things fantastic! It has definitely been crazy busy, especially with taking the right precautions for Covid-19, but it has been so much fun!

Dress: Nasty Gal

With a busy schedule, I haven’t been able to fully focus on this blog as much as I have wanted to, but I’m back in a routine so I can focus on my blog more! It is definitely quite the adjustment having all my classes online, but I know it is in the best interest for the safety of students. With that being said, it is a little harder finding motivation to study and do homework, as I am always tempted to just lay in bed and watch Netflix. I definitely took in-person classes for granted last year, as I find it very helpful to have a change in scenery.

With my first week of classes done, I realized how important it is to have a designated area for everything school related. My favorite part of my apartment is probably this little workspace of mine. Sitting here from my Zoom classes, rather than sitting in my bed, helps me to focus more and take better notes. I won’t lie, some days I just found it easier to stay in bed, but for the most part, I feel a lot more productive when I decide to sit at my desk.

I’ve spent the past week organizing my classes for this semester, and I really sat down and thought about what I want to achieve in the time that is left in 2020. 2020 has not been the easiest at all for a lot of us, but there is still plenty of time to still make it a great year. Something that has helped me stay positive for the remainder of the year is creating a list of goals I want to achieve. I included a few of the goals I am looking to achieve this semester:

Thank you for reading this post! It was a bit random, but it basically summarizes what I have been up to the past few weeks. I can’t wait to see what sophomore year of college brings!



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