What I Wish I Knew Before My Freshman Year of College

Hello! I am finally getting around to writing some college-related posts. I am going into my sophomore year at the University of Arkansas, and I can’t believe how quickly freshman year flew by!

I know things are a little uncertain and different this year, but there are still so many opportunities ahead for incoming freshmen. Whether you are staying close to home or going out-of-state, there are so many things to look forward to. For this post, I am just going to share a few things from my personal experience as a freshman.

1.You have to put yourself out there

Finding friends in college is a lot different than finding friends in high school. In high school, it was super easy for me to find friends by doing sports and joining clubs. I was the only one in my friend group that decided to go to Arkansas, and I was super nervous about meeting new people. One thing I quickly learned is that I have to put in an equal amount of effort into a friendship in order for it to continue and grow. I found it hard to have friendships develop if I just waited around for people to ask me first to hangout. With all that being said, I recommend asking someone you kind of know but don’t know to well to go grab coffee/lunch or study together. You never know if that stranger could become one of your best friends.

2.Study Groups!!!

In high school, I usually studied by myself 95% of the time. In college, study groups are the biggest lifesaver. College tests don’t come with study guides, and the main way to study is by your notes and the textbook. Since everyone takes notes differently, it is super helpful to compare notes with other students in your classes just to see if you missed anything important. Also, one thing that helps me study is teaching the material to another person. If you are able to explain the material to someone else, that means you most likely have a solid understanding of the subject.

3.Stay Organized

It is super easy to fall behind in classes in college, whether they are in person or online. At the beginning of the semester, your professor will provide you with a syllabus for the semester. One thing I recommend is writing down all the due dates for projects, big assignments, and exams. Professors usually won’t remind you when assignments are due, so I would recommend keeping the syllabi for all your classes. I also recommend having a planner, whether it is a physical or electronic one. I LOVE using Google Calendar because it syncs across all my devices, and it is easy to access when I am on the go. I also like having a physical planner for school, and I usually get a simple one from Target for the year.

4.Don’t Forget to Have Fun!

Even though my freshman year got cut short, it was such a memorable year for me! There are just so many opportunities offered to college students, and it was so nice to get involved with different things. One thing that made my first year so memorable was joining Greek Life! For me, I have always been interested in joining Greek Life, and I love it! My freshman year gave me the confidence to try out things I never would have dreamed about. Freshman year is truly what you make it to be, and you can’t rush it. Everything will fall into place, but it takes time. If the first semester turns out differently than you expected, don’t be discouraged because you never know what the second semester will bring!

Thank you so much for reading this post! I am definitely not an “expert” or anything, but these are just some tips from my own personal experience!



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