Styling a White Tennis Skirt

Hey guys! I’m back with a new post, and today I’ll be talking about how to style a white tennis skirt. Recently, white tennis skirts have become quite a trend, and they have been styled in different ways. The most common outfit I have seen has been a white, pleated tennis skirt with a collared shirt under a sweatshirt. Pictured below, Emma Chamberlain is absolutely rocking it.

However, I don’t own a pleated, white tennis skirt, and it is over 100 degrees outside every day so a sweatshirt was not in the plan. I decided to use the clothes I already have and change it up a bit. 

I decided to make this outfit more summer-friendly and a little more simple. My top is a simple tank top I got from Target in the color Olive. My skirt is from Lululmeon, and it is my favorite item of clothing I’ve purchased this summer. I will admit, it is quite the challenge not getting stains on it, but I still wear it a lot. For shoes, I wore my Nike Air Force 1’s just because they match with every outfit essentially.

☆ Links ☆

Top: Target

Skirt: Lululemon

Shoes: Nike Air Force 1

Thank you for reading this post! Since it is getting closer to the start of school, I will try to make a few posts related to going back to school. If you are an incoming college freshman and planning on going through sorority recruitment, check out my Sorority Recruitment Outfit Ideas post from last year!



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