A Quarantine Fit

Hello!! I had no idea what to title this blog post, but this is what I finally came up with. Last week, I took these pictures because I was so bored in quarantine. Honestly, it was weird to still be in quarantine because most states are in different phases of reopening, but I was stuck at home. I was in quarantine just as a safety precaution coming from camp, even though I tested negative.

Since I couldn’t really do anything, I constantly found myself just being super lazy. One day, I decided that I would at least put on “actual clothes” and take a few pictures for my own enjoyment. 

As I was going through these pictures, one thing I realized I want to improve on is taking more outfit pictures. I love photography and taking pictures of other things, but I don’t really like to put myself in front of the camera too much. However, this is a time of learning and new changes, so I might as well start somewhere! I just want to incorporate more fashion related posts on my blog because fashion is something I want to explore in the future.

☆ Outfit Details ☆

Top: Pacsun

Shorts: Pacsun

Shoes: Nike Air Force 1

Socks: Urban Outfitters

Glasses: Urban Outfitters

Besides the shoes, I couldn’t find the exact items online anymore, but I linked other items that are very similar! If you made it here, thank you for reading this post!!



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