Sorority Recruitment Outfit Ideas

Hey guys! I can’t believe that I only have four full days until I move to a completely different town for college! With that said, that means I will be starting sorority recruitment in a week! At Arkansas, there are eleven Panhellenic sororities, and I am so excited to visit each and every one of them! Every college has a different style for recruitment, but I will explain what happens during recruitment at Arkansas. Each day, they give us a t-shirt, so all we have to do is find cute bottoms and shoes to wear. We have two days of Conversation Round, Philanthropy Round, and Sisterhood Round. Preference Day is the last day of recruitment, and the next day is Bid Day!


Since we get t-shirts everyday, I only got cute bottoms, and I did not get any tops for recruitment.

Preference Round:

For Preference Round, this will be the day where you are the most dressed up! Colleges usually recommend a cocktail dress, homecoming dress, or a dress you would wear to a wedding! These are some dresses that would definitely be appropriate for this round!


Since everyone will be wearing the same t-shirts during recruitment at Arkansas, it is really important for us to accessorize! It gives us an opportunity to express ourselves a little more, and it also could help during conversations at the parties!


During recruitment, you will be walking A LOT!! It is important to wear cute shoes, but also make sure they are really comfy! You might even want to consider bringing a comfy pair of shoes to wear in between parties incase you start getting blisters.

I hope this was a little helpful if you are going through sorority recruitment soon! I am just going based off the videos I have seen, Pinterest, and just from what I have heard from Arkansas. Just remember, it is different at every college, and everyone is a little nervous! Just be yourself, and you’ll end up in a house that is perfect for you!



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