Travel Diary: New York Weeks One and Two

Hey guys! As I said in my last post, I have been in New York because of an internship. It is such a dream to have the opportunity to live and work in my favorite city in the whole world! It is definitely quite the experience of having an actual “big girl” job in such a big city. Working from 9-5 is intense, but it’s so much fun! I always feel productive and energized, despite waking up quite early and going to sleep too late. I really feel like a New Yorker now because of the commute. I am used to leaving my house ten minutes before work, but now I leave over an hour before work. I am staying in Brooklyn, but I work in Manhattan!

On the weekends, I become a true tourist, and I get to explore the city by myself. Over the past two weeks, I’ve gotten to experience so much, and I really feel like I am in my element. Instead of bumming it out in athletic shorts and oversized t-shirts, I have the opportunity to dress nicer every day. I am able to express my fashion style more, which essentially makes me so much happier.

The view I have from my office building is unreal! On one side, you can see the Empire State Building, and on the other side, you can see the East River. Being on the 39th floor definitely has its perks with the views. During my lunch break, I decided to explore what was nearby. I ended up wandering around a couple of blocks, and I encountered Grand Central Station, Fifth Avenue, and the Chrysler Building.

There is a beautiful outdoor space on a rooftop, where I often go to eat lunch. It’s so peaceful and exhilarating to take in all the sounds of the city. Also, just because I’m in the Northeast does not mean it is any cooler. Temperatures get up into the 90s almost every day, and it is quite brutal as I am walking from place to place.

This is my third time visiting New York, and I never visited the infamous public library on Fifth Avenue. I can definitely say that it is so worth it to just take a few minutes to walk around. I wish I had more time to explore in there, but what I did see was completely breathtaking!

Just doing some casual exploring in Brooklyn!

My first weekend in New York, I did some sightseeing around Brooklyn. I went to the Brooklyn Museum, which was quite beautiful. I loved taking in all the beautiful art and taking pictures of people’s creations. There was even a Nigerian exhibit, which I was highly impressed with because my family is Nigerian!

My second weekend, I took a trip to the Brooklyn Bridge. Let me just say, I have no idea how the Brooklyn Bridge pictures on Pinterest look so empty in the background because it was completely packed! Between the summer heat, crowds of tourists, and avoiding getting hit by bicyclers, it was definitely quite the experience. I saw some people really risking their lives for the perfect picture.

It seems like every YouTuber I know goes to SoulCycle or some type of spin class. Since they don’t offer SoulCycle where I live, I decided to give it a try. Let me just say, I applaud those who go multiple times a week. One, it’s not cheap at all (thankful for the first-timer discount). Two, it is quite intense! I thought it would just work out my legs, but I’m pretty sure I got a leg, arm, and abs workout too. SoulCycle definitely lived up to the hype, and I now see why it is so easy to get addicted to it. After my SoulCycle class, I decided to go to the Flatiron Building just for fun!

To end my second week in New York, I took a trip to the High Line Park in Chelsea. It was so pretty just to be able to look around and take in everything around me. The High Line was an old railroad track, and now it is a 1.4-mile park that is elevated, so you definitely have an advantage with the view.

The past two weeks have definitely been incredible! I can’t wait for what happens over the next two weeks. There will be a lot of shopping, so I will definitely make a New York haul. Also, college is quickly approaching, so it only makes sense to start college blog posts! I have really been so inspired, so I hope to actually stay true to my word and remain active! Thank you so much for reading!



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